Halfway through week 13

Sorry for the radio silence – it’s been a mad, busy, wonderful, hectic few weeks preparing for the Fling festival at short notice!

Meditation – when I’ve done it, it’s been brilliant, and when I haven’t, it’s been because I’ve been too tired to press buttons before I sleep. Semi-successful, and I used the breathing techniques before and after performing on Saturday to deal with nerves.

Cooking – with the aforementioned madness, it’s been very much a  case of shoving whatever comes out of the freezer first into the oven. I also found my appetite mysteriously disappeared in the week or so immediately prior to the Fling. It’s kind of back now – and I intend to make pasta sauce from scratch this evening!

Exercising – a very large YES! Cycled to work every day except the couple of Wednesdays I went to Mimi’s for Fling planning, have been making a conscious effort to walk around campus instead of phoning people, four performances and lots of walking at the Fling on Saturday and nearly an hour’s horse riding (in a skirt, lol) on Sunday afternoon.

And of course, our tent at the Fling involved multiple workshops even before I showed some people the basics of tassel twirling – so I can tick that one off my list too!

Hope this run of excellence lasts until week 20… I haven’t firmly decided on my next goals, but one of them is definitely going to include money…

xoxo, Lotta


Week 10 and 11

At nearly the end of week 11, here’s my update:


Not bad – have been using the slow cooker, and really trying to think about healthy eating. Discovered we are losing our microwave at work, so am on the hunt for an office elsewhere on campus whose inhabitants will let me use theirs on occasion.

I have noticed a definite pattern in what and when and how I eat – when I’m anxious, nervous or stressed, I reach for sweet things and consume them without even particularly tasting them. When I’m feeling sorry for myself I overeat – making usually healthy, nutritious food but eating far, far too much of it and feeling terrible. I feel this is something I should keep an eye on, though it’s a revelation to discover that this behaviour appears to be simply habit, and I think awareness is the first step to cutting out a habit.

(in unrelated news, I just saw something scuttle out of the corner of my eye. I can’t find anything but if it was a large spider, you will hear the screams from wherever you happen to be reading this)


I’m doing terribly with this, mainly because between Fling preparations, day job, family commitments and everything else I try and pack into my already overstuffed life, I am just too tired to contemplate spending fifteen more minutes awake when I tumble into bed at the end of each day.

I know that some of the Club 20 girls have very sensibly given up the things that are persistently not working for them – but meditation changed my life so profoundly when I found it that I find myself reluctant to abandon it (though I am of course aware that a great deal of the benefit is in regular practice). I’ll keep you updated.

Midorigreen and I have set up a sleep buddy system whereby we text to remind each other to go to bed somewhere between 9.30pm and 10pm. It seems to be working!


Oh, yes! I am cycling to and from work regularly (and falling off my bike on my drive from a standstill, but that’s another story). I have walked around campus, to the shops, and spend last weekend up ladders as part of Team Shed (putting up and roofing an 18 foot square garage in a weekend), and this Sunday helped clear a friend’s garden.

Not to mention some dance practice because WE’RE PERFORMING AT THE FLING IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!

Which brings me nicely to my random goal, which I’ve not mentioned for the last few weeks – running a workshop. The Paper Dolls will be running a selection of workshops as well as performing, which means I should be able to tick that one roundly off my list.

Heading into week 12 tired, but extremely positive.

Week 10 update -midorigreenuk

We’re half way through, and I’ve had a bit of a slump. I certainly haven’t been a whirlwind of activity. That said I have found that I’ve been doing small tasks related to my goals so maybe they are just becoming more integrated into my existence!

Declutter for cash

I’m still determined to do a boot fair before September. I intend to keep on doing the Flea market as they are cheap and fun. I’ve also set aside an hour this coming weekend to add stuff to Etsy, Ebay and my green shop.

However I am finding that I’m less and less bothered about the money side of things and more concerned about clearing space. I’ve been packing up a bag of stuff for a charity shop each day and my main feeling is relief that things are gone. If I still have things to declutter in September I’m packing the lot up and heading to a charity shop.

Make Tofu

I have a day booked for tofu making from scratch. I also used the left over bean pulp from one of my early soy milk making efforts in this week’s lunch. It should be up on my blog midorigreen at some point in the very near future.

Make socks

I’ve gotten very good at fitting yarn unravelling into my daily life. However I really need to stop procrastinating and just knit something. So I intend to have the first two row done by next week’s update.

Week 8 – exercise and barbecues

Eight weeks! (I would promise to stop starting my blog posts with exclamations, but realistically that won’t happen. I can’t get over how fast this year is racing past!)

Another week with zero meditation – I’m only halfheartedly cross with myself as I’m still sleeping better and that was the intention behind starting. And I still have my year’s subscription if I find I’m not sleeping or I need to nudge myself back into it. Or if, indeed, I find myself with time to simply learn to meditate!

However, on the cooking front I barbecued for friends twice, and made chicken fajitas (do they count?!) one evening after work too. So I’m pleased with that – and can’t quite believe the iconic bbq that I’ve loved for so long is in my garden and mine after sixteen years!!

And exercise – I have been walking with Mum, walking and jogging with the dogs (and throwing myself on the ground on occasion, I must figure out how to be less clumsy and more elegant) and swimming with Shaz and Wendy.

All of which I think works out to a very good week!

Approaching the half way mark, I’m starting to think about the goals I might have for the next round of club 20. Giving up fizzy drinks may be on that list…

Week 7 update – Midorigreenuk

Ah hello week 7 of the challenge. I’m happy to report that things are definitely moving although more work is still required.

Declutter for cash
– I’ve found 3 possible car boot sales and am looking at a date to do them.
– I am booked to do a Flea market in Chelmsford this Sunday.
– I have set up a shop on my website (midorigreen.co.uk) although as there is nothing in it I have hidden the page!
Action for coming week – put green stuff into online shop, contact car boot sales organisers and arrange at least one date, get rid of stuff at Flea market

Make tofu
I made a second batch of tofu on Friday using Coop soy milk with minimal ingredients. It took me very little time to do and I feel that I really learnt from my previous experiment.
Action for coming week – decide on date to make tofu from scratch

Knit socks
The unravelling is progressing well. However I acquired some wool from the Mollie Makes stand at Cyber so I think I may make a start with that and then use my repurposed wool further down the line.
Action for coming week – Make a start on the actual knitting

Week 6 update

Week six update

As ever I’ve been busy as a bee (and with slight case of writer’s block) however I have made progress with my goals.

Declutter for cash

The flea market went quite well. I shifted couple of bulky items, covered my costs and met some lovely people. I’m booked to do another in June. I’ve abandoned eBay for the time being as the items I was listing just weren’t moving and I thought they weren’t the right place. Etsy is a slow mover and will keep doing small bits with it.

Actions for coming week: Decide which car boot sales I will actually do


Make tofu

I finally did it! So gleeful. I cheated a bit and instead of making it totally from scratch used shop bought soy milk. I followed the method suggested by La Fuji Mama for quick and easy one hour tofu . I used Epsom salts I bought in Boots.

It was much easier and quicker than I expected and taster amazing – so fresh. I learnt that it’s a really good idea to read the ingredients in the soy milk before leaving the shop and that if your curds aren’t forming it’s probably a good idea to heat the milk again (and get it relaly hot this time!)

Action for coming week: make another block

Knit socks

I have pattern, and needles. It’s just taking me a while to unravel the jumper for yarn. However I am finding that unpicking yarn is rather like doing meditation. Plus it’s perfect to do while chatting or watching a film.

Action for week ahead: unravel enough to cast on the first row


Week 6 – two out of three isn’t bad?!

Wow, we’re motoring through the weeks, aren’t we? It is absolutely, definitely, without a shadow of a doubt making it easier for me to keep to this challenge because I have the other girls doing it alongside me. It’s actually quite nice that we all have different goals, so it’s not competitive, but it’s wonderfully supportive, both for the wobbles and the celebrations!

So week 6. It’s been a bit of an odd one, as I’ve had a week off the day job to practise free-range-working – the way I want to work full time eventually, for myself. It has been utterly wonderful to be mistress of my own timetable, but being me, I managed to pack my week “off” fuller than one at work would have been!

In between the Letter Writing Salon, a spa day and running a pop up shop, I have managed:

To meditate: hardly at all. I am annoyed with myself, but as I’ll be back in routine tomorrow, I shall try. I am flat out determined to do the Take15 programme and actually feel the benefits, rather than listening to three minutes of it every night and moving on just because I can. (I’m also aware this clashes somewhat with meditation’s ‘it should be effortless’ ideal – we’ll see how I get on. It changed my life to take that time out each day when I started doing it, so I’d really like to get back to it properly.)

To exercise: not bad – I took the hounds for a walk on my own for the first time, they were as good as gold and I had a great time – I even jogged for a minute or two with them. (note to self – greyhounds can run faster than you, and two of them, even well behaved ones, can quite easily pull you along). I was also very proud of myself for picking up their poo without any fuss… not pleasant, and the bit I look forward to least about dog ownership, but completely possible!

I also managed two studio sessions for choreography, practice and general chucking myself around the studio in a vaguely graceful manner during the week. I’m trying to teach myself the line dances I used to know – but it turns out I’m less fit and flexible than when I was fifteen. Who knew?!

To cook: pretty damn good if I can count today (and it’s a bank holiday, so as far as I’m concerned, part of week 7!) I made lasagne from scratch, another gloriously coloured cake while Lou was here, and various bits in the week. Today I made this http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2093/chicken-with-tarragon-garlic-and-olives minus the olives, with rosemary roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, and it was amazing. I made just enough to be able to sneakily have the rest for dinner tomorrow, too. Yum!

In other things I’m trying to keep an eye on, junk food consumption is up and finances are dire this month, which is really bad – but as I’ve been on ‘holiday’ I shall overlook the overspend and get back on track in June. I’m making a real effort to drink more non-carbonated liquid, and catering to my apparent laziness by making a pitcher of iced squash at a time so I can pour and drink while working. I know, I know, first world problems.

And I made my own face scrub today, tested in this morning’s shower and will subject to further testing over the coming weeks 🙂

So overall aim of living a healthier, more mindful, more satisfying life – definitely getting there 😀